Mistakes to Avoid While Going for a Vacation to Florida

Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State,” is one of the most popular vacation destinations during the winter season. Florida is also known for its famous beaches and theme parks. If you are planning to visit Florida, this article is worth reading.

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Often, people visit Florida without being aware of the state and, as a result, may regret it later. While visiting Florida for a vacation, you must research to avoid the following mistakes.

1. Not planning the time to be spent at the beach

Florida is known for plenty of stunning beaches. However, if you spend all your time only on the beaches, it can be a mistake. There are many other attractions also available such as:

  • Wildlife
  • National parks
  • Museums
  • Festivals

At the same time, you should not skip or spend too little time on the beaches. If you skip the visit to beaches, then you will regret it a lot afterwards. Therefore, you need to balance your time well while you are in Florida.

2. Assuming Florida is always warm and sunny

No doubt Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but don’t assume that you will always find sunshine. Weather can also change, and sometimes, you may get chilly wind, particularly if you are in the northern part of Florida.

During the summer months, you may often encounter rain with thunderstorms. Therefore, you must be prepared for all these eventualities and carry the necessary protection.

3. Forget to wear sunscreen

Sun rays in Florida are quite powerful even if the atmosphere remains cloudy. Hence, wearing sunscreen is essential so you may not get sunburn. It can be quite painful if you forget it, and it can totally spoil your fun during the trip.

Particularly, while you are spending your time on the beaches, you must ensure that you are using a safe sunscreen to protect your skin. In addition to that, you must also carry bug spray, as mosquitos or a few other insects may always be there.

4. Expect all theme parks only in Orlando

Remember, Orlando is not the only place where all the theme parks are located. Also, you must note that some well-known theme parks, such as Kissimmee, can be found in nearby cities.

The famous Walt Disney World Resort is also not in Orlando but is located in Lake Buena Vista. In Orlando, you will find the following parks only:

  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • SeaWorld Orlando
  • Discovery Cove.

5. Interfering with wildlife

Florida’s alligators thrive when left undisturbed in their natural habitats. Avoid interfering with the state’s wildlife, as seemingly innocent activities like feeding seagulls can harm the delicate ecosystem.

Choose educational experiences, such as Juno Beach’s Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s nighttime beach walk. Witness sea turtles laying eggs and gain insights into their vital role in the planet’s ecosystem.

Learn how to contribute to conservation efforts, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with Florida’s unique and precious wildlife.

6. Not remembering the hurricane season

Though hurricanes offer preparation time, facing them is not typically on vacation agendas. Those who are local residents of Floridia are always well-equipped for hurricanes.

If you visit Florida between August and October, you must always remain well-prepared for hurricanes.

7. Not bothering to check for fresh fish

Florida’s culinary scene boasts seafood highlights, with grouper and mahi-mahi being crowd favorites. However, it is crucial not to assume that every fish on the menu is locally sourced and fresh.

To avoid disappointment, adhere to an unspoken rule: only order fish that is the catch of the day or confirmed to be sourced from the nearby Gulf or the Atlantic Ocean. This ensures a delightful dining experience with the best of Florida’s fresh, locally caught seafood.

8. Not well-prepared for weather

Weather in Florida can be very unpredictable, and you may suddenly expect heavy rain. Particularly, if you visit there during the summer months, you must be prepared for sudden rain. Your visit to a theme park or the beach can be totally disrupted.

It is necessary that you carry a raincoat or umbrella while you visit museums, aquariums or shopping malls.

9. Underestimating the state’s size

Remember, Florida is the third-largest state in the USA, and hence, the distance between different sightseeing spots can be quite big and may take a considerable amount of time.

For example, travelling between Miami and Orlando may take 4 hours even if there is no traffic. The same is the case with Miami to Key West.

10. Ignoring the local cuisine

The culinary landscape of Florida mirrors its diverse population, drawing influences from Caribbean, Latin American, and Southern cuisines. Overlooking this aspect and sticking to familiar chain restaurants results in missing a substantial part of the authentic Florida experience.

11. No prior accommodation booking

Florida’s status as a sought-after vacation destination leads to swift accommodation bookings, particularly during peak seasons. Delaying reservations until the eleventh hour may result in your preferred hotel being fully booked or facing a considerable increase in prices.

12. Not slowing down for sunset

Experience the magic of Florida’s golden hour and savor the sunset, a favorite pastime for locals who embrace Jimmy Buffett’s philosophy, “It is 5 o’clock somewhere.”

Follow suit, slow down, and relish this daily ritual. Five o’clock in Florida signifies a moment to unwind with a cold beverage and witness the splendid beauty of the setting sun—an exquisite and essential Florida treasure.

Florida, known as the “Sunshine State,” offers a diverse vacation experience, but avoiding common mistakes is crucial. Balance beach time with exploring wildlife, national parks, museums, and festivals. Be prepared for unpredictable weather, wear sunscreen, and respect local wildlife. Recognize that theme parks extend beyond Orlando, and remember Florida’s vast size when planning travel.

Embrace the local cuisine for an authentic experience, and prioritize accommodation booking to secure the best options. With awareness and preparation, a Florida vacation can be a delightful blend of sun, sea, and cultural exploration.