The Best Spots for Camping and Visiting in Maui –

Best Jeep Camper Rentals on Maui

Introduction –

One of the best things that you will know is that, Olowalu is open for campsite. It is a privately run campground, which is situated on the beauteous and sunny west side of Maui. You can easily do the reservations online and continue reading to know more. This is one such portion of the island which is good for the starters to surf as well as for snorkelling. There are plenty of little spots around here which has nice waves which is also protected from the trade winds. Besides, all of that this area is also known for the apt Maui sunsets. You can count on it, year-round. In the meanwhile, you can have a look at, Best Jeep Camper Rentals on Maui here. Coming back, the encampments are located off the main highway for a silent night than Papalaua. You can also switch to Zazu campers for renting their jeeps to check out the west Maui Mountain view.

Clean Facility & Views –

One of the advantages of car camping in the Zazu campers’ jeep is that, the facilities are one of the cleanest one on the island. These people make sure that they keep all their grounds clean and neat. Also, nearby just right across the street are some local fruit stands as well as the popular Leoda’s restaurant and pie shops. You can stop here for one meal at least. Click on the link above and learn more. Besides all of that, Polipoli spring state recreation area, which is also locally known as Poli, just like Wainaps is a state park which requires permits, so does this and it can be obtained online. The bi-coastal scenes that you will see on your way in and out of the park are pretty much jaw dropping, especially when you see it from the top. You can amazingly see both the north and the south shores of the island.

No Fires Allowed –

Besides all of that, the elevation which is at the top i.e., 6,200 feet is the one that leads to a cooler temperature, especially during the night. Apart from all of that, no fires are allowed in the area of camping. There are plenty of good hiking trails all around the park which is something that you will love exploring. The light off-road trails near the upper portions of the parks are what really makes the jeep camping superior. It is so superior that, the 4wd capability of the jeep will be able to give you peace of mind that you can easily navigate to more higher and secluded spots with best views. Also, in the park is a famous disc golf course. You should be careful of the drive up into the park, as it can be a little dicey, especially during the rainy season. It is also possible that, with the weather like this you can have your hit and misses too. Sometimes, the cloud will come in and block the views, but when it becomes clear, it is an absolutely amazing view, especially for the adventure seeking couples. You can also do paragliding there.