Read This If You want to Visit Stonehenge with Your Children

A trip to Stonehenge is an exciting family day out with something for everyone. It is an ideal destination for a family adventure with a captivating history, ample space to explore, and more mysteries than a Harry Potter movie.

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Can the visit be free?

Many budget-conscious London visitors wish to visit Stonehenge inexpensively, but getting there without cost is challenging due to transportation expenses and logistics.

A few ways you can reduce your expenses are as follows:

  • Become a member of English Heritage or National Trust
  • Visit by car, train, or coach from London

Stonehenge offers free access on the Summer Solstice, June 20th, drawing crowds for sunrise and sunset celebrations with dancing, activities, and a festive atmosphere.

What isqq there for children?

The following are a few things available for your kids at Stonehenge

  1. Fun things

English Heritage has made the Stonehenge visit equally enjoyable for kids and parents. Thoughtful touches include low-level displays in the visitor centre, allowing children to view exhibits comfortably.

Younger visitors can also engage with replicas of artifacts at various locations throughout the attraction. It is all about ensuring a family-friendly and immersive experience.

  1. Activity Packs

Be sure to check out the children’s activity packs at the gift shop. These packs not only make the site come alive for kids but also provide entertainment for the journey back – a perfect solution!

  1. Audio Guides

Stonehenge, a captivating global landmark, can be a memorable experience for kids.

The family audio tour is thoughtfully designed to engage younger visitors, offering insights into Stonehenge’s history, theories, and celebrations as they explore the site.

It ensures an exciting and educational journey for the entire family, making their visit to Stonehenge a cherished memory.

  1. Eating at Stonehenge

The café is child-friendly, offering children’s portions and healthy lunchboxes. High chairs are provided for infants, and the staff is accommodating, willing to warm baby food or milk upon request.

If you prefer an outdoor meal with a view of the Stone Circle, feel free to enjoy. a picnic at the available benches or on the surrounding grounds during the summer months, adding to your enjoyable Stonehenge experience.

  1. Walking at Stonehenge

If you are concerned that the younger members of your family might not be up for the walk to and from the Stone Circle, don’t fret.

A free shuttle bus is available to transport you directly from the visitor centre to the stones, allowing them to conserve their energy until they’re ready to play.

Near Stonehenge, plenty of kid-friendly activities await. Explore Avebury, where you can touch the stones, or enjoy some family racing at Truxton Go Kart Centre.

Don’t miss a visit to Bath and its famous Roman Baths. Make the most of your trip by exploring the many exciting attractions in the vicinity of Stonehenge, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable experience for the whole family.